Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sitting in the window where I watch the doggies outside
walking with Grandma at the park

this is the more serious face :)

just swinging
this is so much fun!

love the slide too

gotta make a cake- this rolling pin is really BIG!

posing before day care

playing at Southern Village Park
making some calls

important phone calls to make

Trying to remember the phone number

Dad- do you know the number?

loving Madilyn Rose at the first birthday party
love to help out around the house

helping in the kitchen-
playing at the park on Mother's Day

Love to climb- tongue out which means full concentration and determination

the start of the climb to the slide

Fun pics

Lips are blue from cupcake icing....
playing with the beach ball- ready for summer and the pool

testing out the beach ball as a seat

sharing the ball with Grandma Cindy

getting out all the kitchen pans, just gotta decide what to make

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'ts been a while....

Easter Egg hunt at Carrboro UMC
Having fun at my first ever Easter Egg hunt

I found my basket!!!

This looks like a good CD!

Friday, December 5, 2008

GOING TO MY FIRST UNC BASKETBALL GAME (We played UNC-A, so mom cheered for both teams) I just tried to "taste test" the seats while we were there, and watched all the shiny band instruments!
Hello? Hello? Shake, shake- anything in there?

sock in mouth- check

How can I get this sock off?

New pics

Loving my new fuzzy raccoon hat and mittens!
I got so tired while playing, I just crashed holding onto the red cup...

Needed a nap- played so hard, I just wore myself out

This is me playing with Papa Tom. He comes over sometimes when mom is working at home to keep me company.

I was going to do some work under the house with dad's light- then I realized I couldn't stand up on my own, so I just decided to wear it while I played with my toys

Sunday, November 2, 2008