Monday, May 12, 2008

Friends and Family with Caidence

We finally got a picture with Grandma Deb (otherwise known as "D". She's been over to visit a few times, but mom and dad kept forgetting to get the camera out.
This is me sleeping on Jessica's lap. If you could hear the "grunting/snoring" sound effects the picture would be even better. I have my left hand resting on her belly and her little girl that's coming in August.

On Mother's Day, I got dressed in my cute little sun dress and we all went to the "Belted Goat" at Farrington Village with one of mom's running groups. I finally got to meet Dave and Sally, and as you can see, I was perfectly happy with Sally from the first moment I met her. (lucky for me, they live close and want to baby sit me sometime)
Still hanging out with Sally