Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meeting more family (Bazemore trip to Tybee Island, GA)

This is my cousin Katie Franks. She is super cool and very good at riding waves in the ocean....I can't wait to be bigger so I can play with her more
This is Katie's mom (and dad's sister) Kelley. I'm taking up most of the picture, but I let her get a little peek in.
Connor (sometimes a super hero) is the one on the stairs, and Logan (also a super hero or Indiana Jones) is the one with his back to the camera. They are also my cousins from what I've been told
Look at all my toys!!! And my super duper hat. This was my daily activity on the beach. Sit, Relax, Play, and people watch. I loved watching all the people on the beach.
This was also a daily activity! Napping with dad's pillow on the couch. That people watching on the beach sure made me sleepy